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The Pride of BLM

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

I dreamed, one day, of peace

I dreamed, one day, with passion

I dreamed that we would cease

Our hate-filled interactions

A brother could love another

A sister could support her kin

They could do these things for each other

Without inner turmoil sinking in

Whites shook hands with blacks

Not just for the pictures

They actually had each other's backs

And put away their differences

All communities came together

Under a rainbow colored flag

We treated each other better

No one called anyone a f**.

We were on common ground for once

We were equal in each other's eyes

Unity is what everyone wants

Too bad that everyone lies

Because in the streets there's rage

At the ongoing, brutal, police state

And just like when they locked me in a cage

Someone else is controlling our fate

But in this dream I had, it seemed real

People looked so happy

Then I woke up, and here's the deal

They were laughing. Laughing at me

Now, I will never understand

Everyone's different points of view

But isn't that reason enough to take a stand

Isn't that why He made me and He made you

So it's ok to be different. Be yourself

Everyone else is taken

Band together to offer your help

Allow our sleeping peace to be awakened

We can all do our part in the streets

Fighting for what we're after

Pride month is halfway over

But when we're done celebrating,


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