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Looking At The Desert Looking Back At Me

I never would have thought, all those years ago

That eventually I'd become someone that I used to know

At 19, I was invincible, Superman, Black Boy Fly

My abilities were limitless. Swear I could've kissed the sky

But a millennia has passed since those days in the sand

I've gone from a hopeful kid to a weathered old man

And I'm only 31, couldn't have seen all of this coming

But in this race, I'm not done yet. I'm still here. Running

I believe in the American Dream, maybe naively so

But I know I have to fight harder than some to get where I need to go

If I learned anything from those early days, sitting at my post

Is that my drive is what makes me different. Sets me apart from most

So, I'll keep pushing forward while others fail, not knowing

I heard it said in training, "If you're going through hell, keep going!"

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