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Sharp Edges

They told me "Sharp edges have consequences" so I dulled my life lines.

I've always had a knack for pessimism, despite the good times.

But on days like this, with the virus outside, it's hard to see why

With so much evil going on in the world , I'm still tryna play the good guy.

I've bumped my head. I've paid my dues. I've lost a lot in the process.

But my gains outweigh my losses, setbacks set the stage for progress.

I wouldn't be pushing myself the way I am without being in distress.

So I take my bruises with my improvements. God blessed this horrible mess.

And more refined, I emerge. My talents have grown leaps and bounds.

And as cliché as it sounds, you can't keep this good man down.

So, these days the smile on my face is more genuine, now.

And it's because I know I faced the beast and won... it's time to take my bow.

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